Tend a little patch of vegetables just outside your door.


This plan is so simple you could build several of various sizes in one day. The simple corner trim detail serves to both cover the end grain of the side pieces as well as reinforcing the corners. Landscape fabric stapled to the bottom keeps your potting mix in place while allowing adequate drainage for your plantings.

Perfect for a patio or deck, you can tend a little patch of vegetables just outside your door. You can also grow herbs or flowers, or you can place them around your home to use as landscape beds. The concepts and details are the same; the only thing you have to change is the measurements of your side pieces.

YellaWood® brand products are treated with a micronized copper wood preservative and are approved for use in applications such as a raised vegetable bed. Learn more about YellaWood® brand products and the environment.

Build Time:
Cutting parts: Less than 1 hour
Assembly: Less than 1 hour
Finishing: 1 hour
Total: 2-3 hours



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