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YellaWood® Care & Maintenance

When you buy YellaWood® brand products, you get the best for building outdoors. But be sure to protect your investment with regular maintenance and inspections.

When do I paint and stain?

How often should I apply water repellent to my projects?

You should apply water repellent within 6 weeks of the project’s completion. To extend the life of your project, we recommend that water repellents are reapplied annually. Like changing the oil in your car, annual application of a water repellent will help protect your investment.

How often should I inspect fasteners on my projects?

Your regular maintenance program should include yearly inspection of all fasteners to determine if nails, screws or bolts are working themselves loose.

Can I pressure wash my YellaWood®?

You sure can. Just keep the pressure low, use a 45-degree fan and keep the wand moving so you don't damage your deck.